Amazing delicious collection, gorgeous nail polishes beckon you to buy all at once. Polishes have delicate jelly textures filled with shimmer, holography, multichrome flakes and tiny glitter
Soft pink cream filled with holographic sparkling and Aurora shimmer (shifts from strong pink to bright green and gold).

Mint Candy
Yummy minty cream filled with scattered holo.
Pure white cream polish with a little black glitter and two sized holographic glitter.
Soft grey jelly filled with the green shimmer and a lot of transparent multichrome flakes shifting from pink to orange to green and yellow.
Soft nude cream filled with delicate scattered holographic with a touch of Aurora shimmer. (shifts from strong pink to bright green and gold).
Chocolate Cookie
Brown cream filled with tons of different colored flakes.
Peachy crelly filled with duochrome flakes that shift from gold to pink.
Milky white crelly filled with scattered holo, red shimmer and little green flakes.
Blueberry Mousse
Lilac jelly filled with blue iridescent glitter.
Blue linear holo filled with gold and leaf green shimmer.
Grass green jelly filled with gold shimmer and square opalescent glitter.
Bubble Gum
Pink with lilac undertone cream filled with gold shimmer.
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