Tips Bio Base
A new product with a great future from Tips. Delicate and nude shades in the Bio Base series, as well as bolder shades in the Bio Base Color series, are all new therapeutic bases designed to restore the health of nails. Bio Base is primarily a help for weakened, damaged or flaky nails and only in the second nail use the top coat on a design.
Bio Base I
Bio Base II
Bio Base III
Bio Base Color 01
Bio Base Color 02
Bio Base Color 03
Bio Base Color 04
Bio Base is a universal product, in one layer you can use it as a nutrient base for your nails, and apply your favorite nail polish on top. In 2-3 layers it works as an independent coating, we recommend using it together with Top Liquid Glass and do not worry about durability.
The multivitamin complex in the Bio Base nourishes, moisturizes and protects the nail plate. It is especially recommended for use in case of allergy to gel polishes or for nail restoration, after cutting off the gel polish.
With regular use, it helps to grow healthy nails in 21 days.

Liquid Glass Top
Liquid Glass Top
An ultra-glossy top coat that leaves nails glistening as though they are still wet. It makes the ideal glare effect on the nail polish coating, helps to smooth the large glitter and turns on shimmer shine. This topcoat is self-levelling and fast drying. Use Tips Liquid Glass Top to prevent the chips and makes your manicure last longer.
How to use:
Apply one coat of the Tips Liquid Glass Top on your nails after 2-3 min of applying nail polish, or use it on the naked nails to guard it and make glossy. No need to use the LED-lamp to dry.
Sticky Base
Sticky Base
An elastic base, that increases adhesion of nail polish to nails. It dries quickly and forms a thin and durable coat, protects the nail plate, reduces the chips and cracks, and prevents staining from dark polishes and yellowing from wearing nail polish. Sticky Base can be used alone to protect natural nails after removing gel polish or nail polish.
How to use:
Apply one or two coats of Tips Sticky Base to your nails. Let the base dry for 30 seconds on the air and then apply the nail polish. No need to use the LED-lamp to dry.
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